How To Get More Customers for Your Auto Repair Shop

As the economy brawl, things get tough and even a little risky, there is no doubt that you have seen this in your shop. This is tricky in the sense that people tend to neglect and sometimes go without their vehicle maintenance or repair, which leads to slower days and at a times even longer periods such as weeks or months.

Here are few tips on how to manage your existing customer and how to attract new customers.

Create Your Own Brand and Market It

You may have experienced a slowdown period at one point or another with booking numbers below average? This is more likely a really good time to reach out to your existing customers and drum up some business, the message could be instructional such as tips on maintaining your vehicle or sales related by offering a special service or repair, you may even want to incentivize them by offering a discount.


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Be Active on Social Media

In the environment of social media your brand need to maintain its digital identity which can promote your growth alongside your website. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide strong occasion for posts that can generate interest which can lead to online bookings. Your post should be scheduled frequently so your audience becomes familiar and begins to follow you, your posts should include link to blog, notifications and specials providing a call to action.

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If your workflow becomes static, your growth of the company may become static too. Dont become static, try ENGARAGE which reduce workflow and workload processes. It give an easy online portal for consumers to remain updated and in contact along with an online appointment booking mobile app hourly. This software lead the company on an external basis and builds a solid structure within the company itself. Scheduling shifts, maintaining invoices, calculating due payments, and setting up the inventory are some tasks that can be easily fullfill within the software.

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