Improve Efficiency: ‘Manage’ Features in Workshop Management

Managing your workshop work orders and customer booking orders can be challenging if your workshop is very busy. Using a manual system, you have to key in everything manually or write it in your workshop logbooks. You also need to go through all the workshop work orders to check the progress of the work orders. You need to make sure that your mechanic has done their tasks. It’s hard to manage everything if you are still using the manual system.

We have designed a perfect feature for you to simplify your workshop management. ‘Manage’ features include customers booking, work orders and calendar. This tool in a workshop management system is designed to help you to organize your customer booking orders and workshop work orders efficiently. With the workshop management system, you can easily handle all aspects of your workshop operations with ease. The tool is designed for workshop owners to manage their customers’ booking details easily. It allows you to easily manage and track your customer booking orders. It’s time for you to switch to a more efficient system to manage your workshop.



‘Bookings’ tool is for you to easily manage customers’ booking details. This tool helps you to easily record and track your customer booking orders and contact details. It’s time for you to switch to a more efficient system to manage your workshop. When using the workshop management system, you can lower the risk of making mistakes and missing any of your customers’ records. 

With just a click, you can easily record and manage customer booking orders. By using a system, it is really easy to keep track of customer booking orders and their details and it ensures that nothing will be missed. This tool makes managing a workshop more efficient. The tool streamlines the process for both you and your customers, increases efficiency in workshop management, and lowers the possibility of missing any of your customer records.


‘Work Order’ tool is designed to make it easy for you to create and manage work orders for your workshop. You can manage the status of your work orders in one place. Besides, you can also track which mechanic is working on which customer’s order.

Using the ‘Work Order’ tool can also be used to change the status of work order easily. With a workshop management system, you do not have to worry about handling work orders anymore. You don’t have to go through a complex process to manage your work orders. The tool makes it simple for your workshop to manage and keep track of work orders with efficiency.


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‘Calendar’ tool is where you can keep tabs on all the work orders scheduled for any given month. This tool is designed to make your work more organized. It is easy to track all of the work orders. You will never miss any orders after this.

Using the ‘Calendar’ tool you can view all of your workshop work orders and not only that you can also create and effectively organize the service bookings. With this tool you can easily manage all your workshop work orders and ensure that everything operates smoothly and your customers are served without any delay. This user-friendly tool simplifies your calendar management, allowing you to keep your workshop’s schedule. It’s a valuable addition to your workshop management system, making your workshop operations more efficient.

Switching to a digital system with ENGARAGE will totally change how you manage your workshop. This change not only will save your time in handling customer orders but also results in smoother workshop operations. You don’t have to go through a stack of files or paper receipts to search for your workshop work orders or customer details. With ENGARAGE, you can effortlessly manage and track all your workshop work orders and also customer details.

It is really important for you to manage all of your workshop’s work orders well to keep all of your important records organized. Using a manual system usually leads to disorganization and missing important records. But, if you change to a digital solution like the workshop management system it offers many benefits to your workshop, it ensures that your workshop operates more efficiently and enhances customer satisfaction. 



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