What attendance function can do #

  • Employer be able to monitor attendance, record-keeping employee attendance data
  • System capable to recording attendance that allows you to record whether individuals are present or absent through electronic check-in methods QR code scanning Maintains a historical record of attendance, which can be useful for tracking trends, analyzing attendance patterns, and addressing attendance-related issues.
  • Reporting: Many attendance systems provide reporting capabilities that allow you to generate attendance reports. These reports can offer insights into attendance statistics, trends, and patterns over time.


How to clock in/clock out? #


  1. Staff can clock in or out by scanning the QR code, entering their PIN, and the system will display the recorded time.
  2. Employer can open qr code in desktop or share QR link to employees so they can scan QR to clock in/out
  3. To open the attendance QR code, employer need to insert PIN that has been set in the system
  4. Then employees scan QR code and insert given PIN number System will display the recorded time


Where can I check my employees attendance record? #


Navigate to the “Manage > Attendance”

There are a few things you see in this page :

  1. Overview details chart, operation hour and total summary attendance record
  2. List staff attendance record
  3. Be able to filter date and staff type


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